About Spellcast Entertainment

“I believe in the magic of storytelling—the ability to transport someone to a land far away or to a different time; a place of heroes, villains, mystical creatures, or even people just like me, whose adventures teach, challenge, comfort, and inspire. More so, I believe that when stories are brought to life it illuminates a commonality in all those involved; a shared understanding of exploration, one another, and the enchanted state of seeing, touching, and living, even for just a moment, in a world we so long imagined.” –Vanessa Bamber, founder


Here at Spellcast Entertainment, we understand that you experience the world with all of your senses, interacting on many levels and in many different ways. So instead of focusing on one or two individual senses like most other theatre shows, we create a more interactive experience through multiple sensory connections and through mediums like mobile devices, computers, video, and the stage.


We create theatrical experiences that combine interactions between the senses during your entire contact; at the same time preserving what is important about the individual senses. Your contact will include a combination of sounds, lights, motions, smells, tastes, and touch sensations. And through whatever medium you choose to access the experience, it will be designed to provide a specific encounter or glimpse into the current story and its characters. Of course, the closer you are to the stage- the living space of the characters - the more intense this multi-sensory experience becomes.


Similar to theme park attractions based on movies, Spellcast Entertainment’s productions come to life by using a strong artistic design team to re-interpret, re-energize, and re-imagine literary works. The team will take a literary work’s words and infuse it with light displays, videos, music, live action, smells, and tastes creating a storybook world come alive. We then open windows and a door into this other world’s setting, people, and delights through various mediums.  How you choose to access this world will have its own unique experience.

Upcoming Performances:

Shakespeare (Remix), a rock revue

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